How To Find Light

by Scowler

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Duncan Kennedy
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Duncan Kennedy Fucking rip one of the best bands ever to exist Favorite track: Heavy Throat.
George Delgado
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George Delgado just saw this band with old gray. i was blown away by their energy. i loved it. bought their tape now hitting up bandcamp for digital release. i look forward to hearing more from this band.
Jeoffrey Owen
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Jeoffrey Owen Scowler sound exactly like there name. Snarling vocals and buzz saw guitars. No filler, all killer. Favorite track: Specifically, In Waves.
EffMinneci thumbnail
EffMinneci Man, why didn't I know about this band when I was in my Glassjaw phase?

Orite, they weren't a band yet. Favorite track: Specifically, In Waves.
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released February 22, 2013

recorded at Howl Street Recordings
mastered by Carl Saff
artwork by Kaylie Steinhaus
tapes by Sean from Skeletal Lightning

Kyle Smith - Vocals
David Algrim - Guitar
Adam Heil - Drums
Karsten Kelsey - Bass



all rights reserved


Scowler Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Tell Us, Mr. Sir
where did you go
what they want was blood
to sell life
she sang
blinded eyes
the writings on the walls
the calculated bee sting swells
when she doesn't know
black eye seduction
I'll take the fraction passed to me
and i lay down now
the color killed the texture
the message of defeat
tell me I'm alive
but second best is what I've got to be
I'm gonna cry you said
once again what you said is coming back
when you say the pictures in your eyes
pictures of
hold me tell me what to say
she sang
once again I'm lying
I can't take it
it's not a choice
you found a knife
until you cut them back
they cut you
where did you go
what they want was
Track Name: Specifically, In Waves
i always run
the language is irrelevant
we only know denial
the bruises never tell how
you'll never know
i hear the voices strain their chords and notes
making the sound
you kept me safe I'd rather drown
silently bound
shade beats the sun
the fashion is illiterate
you only see the spiral
the moon is always out now
you'll never know why
when did the music die we lost it
we had it by the throat
we will never see the light again
i feel fine
its for my own sake
I'll say it again
you'll see
we go blind
i hear the voices strain their chords and notes
making the sound
you kept me safe I'd rather drown
silently bound
biting at my skin
i don't know how to find light
Track Name: Johnny Razor
when johnny got a razor
while pressing molds
it gives me reference
now we look at johnny run
I'm everyone around
we all take the same shape
pens tell the story on the 12th floor burning
feel it scrape away your skin for a night
the music inside
let it ring
let it ring
the voices inside
are made in factories
the smoke stacks cry
feel the sound
from everyone around
there never will come an end
when i turn the page every words the same
when johnny got a razor
while pressing molds
the passion lives in me and everyone

no there's no word in these sentences that I know
suspect information
I can't speak for you
but I'm talking to strangers in your name
when it's coming up
floating between the sun and I
I can't help but wonder why

you showed me your teeth
I never believe what I'm told
let me appreciate no control
what did i fucking say
when i say you fought your way
all the way down
my blood runs across your teeth
rabid savages
what if
I don't need you
I pray when my thoughts are taken
oh my god we'll say
what if I
I don't need you
I'll set running from the lake
falling all the way
I don't think i ever will be safe
Track Name: Lost Pages
words shatter in my face
splintered in my tongue
riding one-wheeled chariots
when my heart gave out I took it to the shop
at the very very top of a temporary clock tower
the mechanist pulled me in close
checked my beard for silver threads
chugged puff steam from the pipe in his mouth
this one we can save

break through your unsuspecting victim
the consequence has run dry

you couldn't teach me how to say
black out pain
every symbol
I knew every word
I'm insane
I'll finish the motion
kill all emotion
I found a gun
I saw him cry
one sided anyway
I don't love you anyway
cut your voice out of my throat
this ain't good
this ain't good
I feel it's my
part of myself that I find
when I'm blind
when I fall apart

teeth with crooked jaws biting at my skin lets me know I'm still here
the awkwardness of my silences turn days into dead leaves
I can't leave this cold room for the sight outside still scares me
I didn't see the movie but I know how it ends

scratch the itch that cuts you in a way
when it comes again
once I'm fine
imagine the pain
crossing out your name
lost pages say
we gain nothing from me breathing
when I'm lonely
I'm unfixable
I'm unfixable
when I'm alone
Track Name: Heavy Throat
with a pressure
let it sit and soak
you will choke
catch me on the way out
you will never find a way back
then I choke
let them see
let them come to be
torn lost pages
way down
would you settle when you're wasted
I tried to cut it back
a piece of mind
iconic sound
when it forces us
I found a way
I don't need rapture
I need it
a satellite
a needle I found

it's a heavy throat
worship in black
it finds a coffin to keep the smiles
and steals another night
it's a shame
a love so dry
mortared in time
so begins the long wait

take care my lungs
when i scream
I can't tell if I am taking it back
when you watch
I can't tell if I nullify everything
ever I was
when everything that I love goes out
I remember what i was once
birds love singing in winter
everyone around
sleeping in a sound

let me breathe